Shabby Little Dresser with JRV Applique's

Found this dresser on a FB yardsale page.  It was in good structural shape, but the outside needed a facelift.  Someone had glued wrapping paper to the drawers.

I am sure it was cute at one time, but that time had long passed.  First line of business was to rip off loose paper.  I soaked the drawers in the tub.

I let them soak for about 10 minutes, in just an inch of water.  After they were nice and soft I scraped off the wrapping paper, ( I used my bench scrape from my kitchen)  

Once it was scraped off I waited for the drawer to dry and I sanded off any remaining residue.  I painted the base of the dresser in Fairy Chalk Mother's Stillwater.  No sanding, no priming, just wiped it down.  I did use my Zibra brush, its my favorite!

Now for the fun part, gluing on appliques.  I used E6000 glue (you can purchase at any craft store) and let them dry for about an hour.

Once the glue dried I painted over the appliques and the drawers in Fairy Chalk Mother's Fresh Cream.  I lightly distressed the piece with sand paper and clear waxed, then used Fariy Chalk Mothers dark glazing wax and aged the piece.  I used the #10 wax brush.  To smooth it all out I finished with a 220 sanding block.  Here is the finished project.

So cute!  Such a simple dresser, the appliques make all the difference.  I used our Rose Wreath, Large french and small rose appliques.  All the paint, wax, brushes and appliques can be purchased on my page.  


Jami Ray Vintage

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